About Glenmorangie House

Welcome to Glenmorangie House! In Gaelic, Glenmorangie means ‘glen of tranquillity’ and perfectly describes the House’s peaceful setting just to the East of the distillery, where The Men of Tain have been quietly going about their business, crafting and perfecting their world famous single malt whisky since 1843.

The growth of Glenmorangie over the decades has led to many whisky aficionados beating a path to our door in Tain and created a need for a home in the Highlands; so we settled on the historic 17th century Cadboll House, a short drive from the Distillery. Ever since we have loved and cherished it as Glenmorangie House, our Highland home. Set in the rolling barley fields of Easter Ross, more of a country house than an hotel, for over 25 years it has welcomed the world to its door, developing along the way an international reputation for Highland hospitality that completely reflects everything that the word ‘Glenmorangie’ stands for – an oasis of calm and peacefulness away from the hurly burly of today’s world.

Come and see for yourself what we mean by ‘Tranquillity Restored’….we guarantee you a warm Highland welcome!